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Zenana Book Club is a group of women living just north of Washington, D.C. in the Hyattsville, University Park, Silver Spring areas. Since 1996, we have met once a month (at a member's house) to engage in spirited discussions accompanied by good food. 

We have had many requests, of late, to extend our membership but we are not accepting new members at this time.

Browse our Web pages to see what we've read and are currently reading. You may Browse by Author, Browse by Year, and coming soon, be able to Browse by Title.

Zenana (in India) 1. The part of the house in which the women and girls of a family are secluded. 2. of or pertaining to the Zenana or its occupants [descended from Hindi and Persian zanana, derivative of zan=woman, wife, Greek gyn, Old Slavic zena and Old English cwn=woman, wife] (Excerpt from Webster's Encyclopedic dictionary)

The most secluded section of the palace in India was the zenana, or women's quarters. Until recently, palace women lived behind protective walls and brass doors that were shut firmly at night.

Zenana, goddess of fertility, earth
Known as Mother to her disciples, Zenana represents the oldest of the living gods. Zenana is primarily worshipped by farmers, women wishing for fertility, and others who depend on the earth for their livelihood. She is the most powerful god in the pantheon, and most of her worshippers have some aspect of neutrality and balance in their outlook.

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