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Jennifer Lauck

Jennifer Lauck

Jennifer Lauck said she always knew that "there was always a deep seed of the idea to write, not the stories of other people, but my own story." The seed to write germinated in 1994, as she was renovating an old house and considering having a child after a second marriage. It took her three years to write her own story and during that time she also gave birth to her son.

She studied journalism at Montana State University in Billings, Montana. She became a television reporter for The Montana Television Network. After Billings, she worked in Great Falls, Montana for a year and then went to Spokane, Washington to work for KXLY-TV. Within two year, she had won two Society of Professional Journalist awards. She then moved to Portland, Oregon where she was a producer for two years.

She became disillusioned by news reporting and decided to strike out on her own. She did some PR work, public speaking, and freelance writing. Eventually starting a promotions company in Portland representing clients like Ursula LeGuin, Victoria Johnson, and Malidoma Some.

Her acclaimed memoir, BLACKBIRD, was a national and New York Times bestseller, and is currently available from Washington Square Press.

She has won two Society of Professional Journalists awards for her work in television news; she also founded a public-relations company that represents nonfiction authors. 

Jennifer Lauck lives with her husband and son, Spencer, in Portland, Oregon, where she is a full-time mother and part-time writer, working on the sequel to Blackbird.

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