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Rabbi Shmuel Boteach

Shmuel Boteach

Rabbi Shmuel Boteach was born in the United States on November 19, 1966, and went to England in 1988 after receiving "Smicha" Rabbinical Ordination. He was sent by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Oxford to establish the Oxford University L'Chaim Society to encourage students to participate in Jewish events and activities of the Oxford University L'Chaim Society. In 1993 L’Chaim Society became the second largest student organization at Oxford University and became an independent organization in 1994.

Since establishing L'Chaim in Oxford in 1988, a branch has been opened in Cambridge and a National Headquarters in London. Branches are currently being set up in Israel, Australia, South Africa and America to host biannual L'Chaim events.

Rabbi Boteach has written nine books and is a highly respected writer, thinker and lecturer. He was runner up for The Times Preacher of the Year Award in 1998, a competition which attracted 250 entries. Rabbi Boteach's sermon was entitled The Biblical and Classical Hero.

Rabbi Boteach is married with six children. His books include those listed below.

Dreams (1991). Bash Publications Inc. Rabbinic dream psychology and analysis. A comprehensive survey on traditional Jewish thought in relation to dreams. Reached No. 14 on the Jewish Bestseller List.
The Wolf Shall Lie With the Lamb (1993). Jason Aronson Inc. Examines the Messianic vision of the Torah. Selected as Book of the Month in February 1993 by the American Jewish Book Club.
Moses of Oxford: A Jewish Vision of a University and Its Life. Vol. 1 & 2 (1994). Andre Deutsch Publishers Ltd. A reference book on Jewish Halakhic thinking which explores a broad range of issues from homosexuality to anti-Semitism, the environment and the Jewish contribution to science and rational thought. It traces Jewish history in Oxford from before the thirteenth century.
Wrestling with the Divine: A Jewish Response to Suffering (1995). Jason Aronson, Inc. Addresses the fundamental dilemmas and questions that arise out of suffering.
The Jewish Guide To Adultery: How to turn your marriage into an illicit affair (1995). Published by MacMillan Paperbacks. Gives advice on how to improve one's marriage relationship based on the premise that a healthy marriage should not be motivated by a need for companionship and security but rather, passionate love. Serialized by The Daily Mail (UK).
Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge (1996). Jason Aronson Inc. Selected as Book of the Month by the American Jewish Book Club.
Kosher Sex: a recipe for passion and intimacy (1998). Published by Duckworth, UK. Serialized by The Daily Express and voted one of the best and most interesting sex guides by Company magazine (UK). Also published by Doubleday, USA in 1998.
The Intelligent Person's Guide to Judaism (1999). Published by Duckworth, UK.

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